As an investor, you’re unique. Your financial goals, current financial situation, investment experience, and attitude towards risk all help determine the mix of assets that’s just right for you. Thus, you need to define your goals and assess your current financial situation. You need to be honest with yourself about your investment experience and your attitude toward risk. Only after defining these factors can you start on the path to developing a plan for your retirement savings.

The questions in this Investor Profile Questionnaire were designed to help you understand your investment objectives and your investment personality. You may use this service
to support your investment-making decision or to select an Asset allocation mix tailored to your needs. As you answer the following questions, remember that there are no right or wrong answers. However, keep in mind that you must be completely candid, or the results won’t reflect your true investment personality.

Please answer each question, and find your score in the brackets ( ) next to the answer. Enter the score into the space provided after each question. Your total score will assist you in defining your investor profile. If you have more than one account with Kellett Financial, please consider filling out one questionnaire for each account.

  • Your investment objective

  • Your investment time horizon

  • During your working years, you will manage your savings and investments. Upon and after your retirement, you will have the choice of continuing to manage your investments, or of purchasing a lifetime pension or annuity product. If you intend to keep managing your savings and investments after your retirement, your investment time horizon should reflect this decision. If you intend to manage your investments with a much shorter end-date in mind, your investment time horizon should reflect this expectation

  • Your Financial Goals

  • Your Personal Information

  • Please select all the choices that apply and add up the points:
  • Your attitude toward risk

  • Find the Profile in the chart below that corresponds to your total score.

    GuaranteedLess than 70 Points
    Conservative71 to 106 points
    Moderate107 to 142 points
    Growth143 to 182 points
    Aggressive Growth183 to 221 points
    Maximum GrowthMore than 221 points

    Investor profile

    Guaranteed: For investors with no tolerance for variability in year-to-year returns. Guaranteed investors are advised to invest in guaranteed interest terms, which are stable investments with predictable income and no fluctuation in value.

    Conservative: For investors with limited tolerance for variability in year-to year returns. Conservative investors seek stability with fairly predictable growth and relatively little fluctuation in value.

    Moderate: For investors willing to accept a trade-off between growth and security, without significant variability in year-to-year returns and only small fluctuations in capital value over time. Moderate investors need a balance approach. With equal emphasis on achieving growth and a steady return.

    Growth: For patient investors who are willing to tolerate some variability in year-to-year returns and some fluctuations in capital value over time. Growth investors are primarily interested in growth, with capital preservation over the short term as a secondary consideration.

    Aggressive Growth: For investors seeking significant potential growth who are willing to tolerate greater fluctuations in capital value over time. Superior long-term results are gained as the Aggressive Growth investor accepts much greater year-to-year variability in returns.

    Maximum Growth: For investors seeking maximum potential growth who are willing to tolerate significant fluctuations in capital value over time. Maximum Growth investors accept a significant emphasis on equities in order to gain the potential for long-term growth, and can tolerate greater year-to-year variability in returns.

    Note: This questionnaire has been developed as a tool to assist you in understanding your investment objectives and personality- your personal financial circumstances, investment time horizon and comfort level with investment risk. After understanding your investor personality, you will be better able to develop your own asset mix using the investment options available to you. Kellett Financial has taken appropriate steps to ensure that accuracy of the information provided and calculations contained in this questionnaire. However, the responsibility for determining the most appropriate investment allocation to fund your retirement goals remains with you. Kellett Financial is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this questionnaire by you or any other person. Please read the Information Folder for more details before making any investment decisions.
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