We have Disability Insurance plans to suit the needs of business owners, trade professionals, business managers, professional people and full-time employees, whether they are occupied full-time or are home-based. We also offer plans that will top-up or enhance your current group plan, until you feel you have the peace of mind you are looking for.

When we think of assets we want to protect from loss or hardships, often our home, car, debt and even future savings come to mind.  What is often overlooked is how we achieved acquisition of these possessions we enjoy…..

Our health.  Our health allowed us the ability to earn income and receive a paycheque, which is why our health is our single most valuable asset we own.  Our capacity to earn a living allows us to purchase a home, car or put our children through school or even plan a family vacation.  These life luxuries all start with a deposit that is made to our bank account.

Most people assume their employers provide some benefit in the event they can’t go to work, whether that be short or long term.  The risk is enormous if the assumption is incorrect.  Verifying what benefits will be paid to you and if they meet your monthly needs/expenses should be the first step in making sure your most valuable assets remain assets rather than a liability.

Disability is the number one cause of Canadians losing their homes. The financial hardships a disabled person is left with can be avoided through proper planning however.

Sometimes our clients prefer to shun the subject as if it does not belong to them. As your trusted Financial Advisor we prefer to discuss it openly before a need arises. One of our saddest tasks is to help a client face up to not having insurance coverage after a tragic event. Disability Insurance is something that all of us really do need to have – a house or car can be replaced, a lost limb or shattered health can not.

Take steps now to secure your lifestyle and your family’s future from having an unexpected disability derail your future.